Chirag, Nainital District


The Central Himalayan Rural Action Group (Chirag), a rural development organisation established in 1987 by Kanai Lall, works with village communities in several districts of Uttarakhand.

RSDCT support
The Dayal Trust’s initial support for Chirag, in 2008, was for a hospital in Sargakhet, near Mukteshwar. In the three-year period spanning 2012 to 2015, the number of patients treated at Chirag Hospital was in the region of 17,000. Over 16,600 major pathology tests were conducted and 2,050 x-rays taken. In addition, almost 1,400 patients benefited from health camps conducted in neighbouring villages. The hospital ward accommodates up to six in-patients, and there are two private rooms.

The Trust has supported Chirag’s scholarship programme for deserving girl students since 2010, and, from 2011, Chirag’s village libraries project, which is aimed at improving the standard of education in village schools. The Dayal Trust now supports 70 girl scholars and 35 village libraries.