M. N. Srivastava Hospital, Kalika, Ranikhet

(email: renuopl.mnsh@gmail.com)

This 36-bed facility was established in 1997 by Drs O. P. L. and Renu Srivastava.

RSDCT support
The Dayal Trust partnership since 2003 has enabled the M. N. Srivastava Hospital to engage the services of additional doctors. The Trust also provided for the purchase of sophisticated equipment, including an Extra Corporeal Lithotripter with a mobile C-arm for precise, anaesthesia-free and painless kidney-stone treatment; an operating table and associated apparatus; and a digital video colonoscope intended for the early detection of cervical cancer.

With the Trust’s support the hospital offers subsidised treatment and consultancy to about 10,000 BPL and other underprivileged patients annually. A programme of free deliveries for destitute women was initiated in July 2012.